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Colorado Inmate Search

A Colorado inmate search allows the public to look for incarcerated individuals in a Colorado facility. Inmate information is public under the Colorado Open Records Act unless marked as confidential. Inmate searches usually include a person’s full name, their unique number, date of birth, holding facility, their crime and sentence, and if they are eligible for release or pardon. 


What Are Colorado Inmate Records?

Colorado inmate records refer to inmate information of incarcerated individuals in the state. The Colorado Department of Correction and Rehabilitation creates, stores, and maintains inmate records. Inmate records may also be available from the local sheriff’s offices or even third-party sites, but with limited information. 


What Are Colorado Prison and Jail Records?

Colorado has a total of 19 state prisons and 61 jails across its 64 counties. The state also has two private prison facilities, the Bent County Correctional Facility and the Crowley County Correctional Facility. 


How To Perform Inmate Search in Colorado

Any interested party can perform a Colorado inmate search using the online offender search tool of the DOC. Requesters can do a Colorado inmate search using the following attributes:

  • Unique DOC number
  • Last name and first name 
  • Gender

The website also shows the information on parole board hearings with the inmate’s name, DOC number, and the current facility where they are incarcerated. 


How To Contact an Inmate in Colorado

The public can contact inmates in Colorado using the following methods:

  • Via U.S. mail
  • Via e-Mail
  • Via phone

Contact an inmate via U.S. mail

Friends and relatives can send a U.S. mail to a Colorado inmate provided that they put the following information on the envelope:

  • Inmate’s complete name
  • DOC number 
  • The facility where the inmate is incarcerated
  • Facility’s mailing address

Sending parties can perform a Colorado inmate search first to ensure that the correct facility receives the mail and sends it to the inmate named on the letter. 

Note that some facilities are subject to mail restrictions where they photocopy the original mail, send the photocopy to inmates, and destroy the original in accordance with specific administrative regulations to help deal with mail that may introduce dangerous contraband. 

To date, there are 11 facilities enforcing this mail restriction, including the following:

  1. Fremont Correctional Facility
  2. Centennial Correctional Facility
  3. Sterling Correctional Facility 
  4. Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility
  5. Youthful Offender System
  6. Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility
  7. Limon Correctional Facility
  8. Buena Vista Correctional Complex
  9. Bent County Correctional Facility
  10. Crowley County Correctional Facility
  11. Colorado State Penitentiary

Contact an inmate via e-mail

Friends and family can send electronic messages to Colorado inmates through JPay or GTL.

Contact an inmate via phone

The Colorado correctional facilities use the Colorado Inmate Phone System (CIPS) for collect calls, V-connect or advance pay collect calls, and debit calls with in-state and out-of-state call rates for $0.12 per minute. International calls are also available for $0.50 per minute. 

How To Visit an Inmate in Colorado

Visitors must fill out a visitor application form and forward it via mail to the appropriate facility where they wish to visit. A quick Colorado inmate search can provide information on the current incarceration facility where interested parties can visit an inmate. 

Aside from the application, a copy of an unexpired and valid government-issued ID matching the name and address listed on the form must be included. Minors under 18 must also submit a visitation form to be filled out by their parent or any other legal guardian.  Video visitations in Colorado facilities are also available, but a completed visitor application form is still required. 

How To Send Money to an Inmate in Colorado

Friends and family who wish to send money to an inmate in Colorado can do so using the following methods:


Interested parties can send money online or pay using their debit or credit card with the JPay mobile app. Money transfer fees via JPay vary from $3.00 to $11.70, depending on the amount.

Western Union

For money transfers using Western Union, interested parties must take note of the following information for a successful transfer:

  • Pay to: Colorado Dept. Corrections
  • Code City: CODOC
  • State: CO
  • Account number - this will be the combination of the inmate’s DOC number and their last name without spaces. For example 123456Smith


Payments via GTL can be made online or via phone, with fees varying from $2.75 up to $7.75, depending on the amount. 

Note that inmate facilities in Colorado do not accept cash or money orders sent via mail, except electronic payments made through the channels mentioned above.


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