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Douglas County, CO Public Records

 Douglas County public records are any written, audio, and video material made or stored by public offices for transactions. These are available to the public per open records statutes without providing a reason, provided there are no barring restrictions. Vital records are only available to eligible requesters such as close relatives, spouses, legal representation, and the person on the record. Births and deaths, though, are accessed from the Douglas County health department, while divorces can be found at the clerk of the district court where it was filed. These records are priced according to type and certification. Property records are also available for public viewing and inspection. These are accessed from the County Clerk and Recording office.

Courts in Douglas County

Court Records in Douglas County, Colorado

Court records are available to all interested parties, provided there are no barring legal exemptions for requesters. The county is also home to one district and four municipal courts. These preside over civil, criminal, misdemeanors, and traffic cases. Record seekers may visit the specific courthouses where the cases were heard and view them at the public terminals. Colorado court records are available to requesters via the search platform on the state-specific website. Only case information is provided with this tool. It is also worth noting that confidential court records will not be available via the platform. These are court records that include juveniles, domestic or sexual abuse, child custody, or sensitive ongoing criminal investigations. Records are also priced on a page basis depending on the type and certification.

Court Name:
4000 Justice Way
Castle Rock
4000 Justice Way
Castle Rock
9220 Kimmer Drive, Suite 100
Lone Tree
360 Village Square Lane
Castle Pines

Jails and Prisons in Douglas County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Douglas County, Colorado

According to the local open records statutes, Douglas County inmate records are available to all parties. The County Sheriff’s office avails these records. An inmate search tool allows requesters to ascertain the person’s physical information, criminal charges, sentencing information, and the detaining facility. Record seekers can also pick up the records in person or order them via mail though these services are at a given fee per search. The interested party can use the wider Colorado Department of Corrections platform if the inmate information is not found in the locator. Inmates are allowed visitors every week, though these visits have to be scheduled well in advance. Douglas County has two jails and prisons. It is ranked 63rd out of 64 in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
4000 Justice Way, Suite 2630
Castle Rock
4000 Justice Way
Castle Rock

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Douglas County

Arrest Records in Douglas County, Colorado

Douglas County arrest records are accessible to requesters following the open records laws, provided the information is not deemed confidential. These details include the person’s physical description, mugshot, witness statements, the arresting officer's identity, and reasons for detainment. They are also generated and maintained by law enforcement agencies such as the sheriff’s office or local police departments. Some arrest records are unavailable to everyone, as they entail ongoing criminal investigations, child custody, and domestic or sexual abuse. Eligible record seekers can contact the county Sheriff’s office for accident reports, body cam videos, dispatch recordings, and bookings. The county has five police departments, and it is ranked 53rd out of 64 in stations per capita. The crime rate is 32.7 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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